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US Federal Census

I originally suspected that the New York Dreimillers that I don't know were descendants of my great-great-uncle Matthew (it is said that my great-great-uncle Michael never married). However, a recent search of the Federal Census for 1900 and 1920 in the Albany, NY area found the following Dreimillers:

1900 Federal Census


Place of Birth

Katie (wife)  
George (son) New York
Anthony (son) New York
Frances (daughter) New York
Christine (daughter) New York
Casper (son) New York
Louisa (daughter) New York

Maria A.04-1831Germany
Michael (son)03-1862Germany

Maggie (wife)  
Michael (son)05-1863New York




Nicholas06-1879New York
Marie03-1880New York
Matthew05-1881New York

Nicholas05-1880New York


1920 Federal Census


Place of Birth

George (brother)  
Frances (sister)  
Casper (brother)  
Louisa (sister)  
Susan (sister)  
Joseph (brother)  
Casper Sedgewick (nephew)  

Nicholas J38NY
Nelli (wife)  
Paul (son)6NY

Margaret (daughter) NY
Gertrude (daughter) NY
Marie (daughter) NY

In both columns the first families listed are my ancestors (great-grandfather Casper and grandfather George). In the 1900 census the second family (Maria w/son Michael) may be my great-great-grandmother and great-great uncle. The rest of this information throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my theory about the unknown Dreimillers currently living in New York being descendants of my great-uncle Matthew (who, BTW, doesn't appear to be listed in either census). I found no Dreimillers listed in the 1880 census, the 1890 census was mostly destroyed in a fire, and the 1910 census isn't indexed making it difficult to search.

It appears that all of these Dreimillers did not arrive together. One of the Michaels was born in New York in 1863, while Katie was born in Germany 3.5 years later.

Some thoughts about the 2nd and 3rd families listed in the 1900 census. It is said that my great-grandfather Casper arrived in America with his two brothers, Michael and Matthew. So, it is possible that one of those two families may be my great-great uncle Michael and his mother and, in the case of the 3rd family, his father. The fact that the 3rd familyžs fatheržs name is Casper suggests some possible relationship to my great-grandfather Casper. The Michael in the 3rd family was born in New York, while the Michael in the 2nd family was born in Germany. If I had to guess, I would say that the 2nd family is my gg-uncle Michael and my gg-grandmother Maria, and that the 3rd family is my great-grandfather Casper's uncle Casper, aunt Maggie, and cousin Michael. I would also guess that, if my supposition is true, that they came to America together and, based on the birthdates of the two Michaels, I would guess that they arrived sometime between March 1862 and May 1863. Of course, this is all suppposition on my part.

The research continues.

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