Deluge Records

Deluge Records is a three year old, independent record label specializing in contemporary approaches to roots music. Label founder and president, Randy Labbe, started the label as a platform for artists he was representing through his management/booking firm, Deluge Entertainment (founded in 1984).

Labbe recognized the need for, and founded, an artist-centered record label, Deluge Records. The organization's primary purpose is to provide a strong, supportive platform for artists who have something valuable, unique and contemporary, to add to the field of roots music. This approach has been followed in that there is not , and never shall be, anything resembling a "Deluge sound." Each Deluge recording project is propelled by a desire to make the best record the artist is capable of. Each artist requires a unique studio vibe and, according to Labbe, Deluge Records is only effective and successful to the extent they can provide that vibe. The people associated with Deluge Records are not interested in trends or fads, they're interested in making honest, soulful and spirited music, regardless of the genre. If this approach is commercially viable, and it has been thus far, it's because the label always puts the artist and the art first.

Deluge Records' financial and creative plan is for steady growth as an ethical and respected member of the music industry. A more intense and prominent release schedule is anticipated during the next three years with a continued focus on, and dedication to, contemporary approaches to roots music.

Through an extensive distribution network, Deluge releases are available in fine record stores just about everywhere. Fans of great american roots music may find a specific title in their favorite store or may order by mail or phone. Fans are also urged to call or write with comments and suggestions. Buyers at retail stores may use the distribution list shown below while music reviewers and dj's searching for more extensive information or an interview should contact Deluge.


President - Randy Labbe
Director of Production - Thomas "Doc" Cavalier
Director of Communications - Michelle Fortier
Director of Artist Management - Jason Spooner
Marketing & Promotions Manager - Denise Carter

Trod Nossel Artists and Recording Studios
10 George Street
Wallingford, CT
tel: (203) 269-4465
fax: (203) 294-1745


Distribution North America 
1 Camp Street                           Phone: (617) 661-4362
Cambridge, MA 02140                     Fax: (617) 492-8863

Distribution Fusion III 
5455 rue Pare, Ste. 101
Montreal, PQ                            Phone:(514) 738-4800
Canada H4P 1P7                          Fax:(514) 737-9780

Koch International UK
24 Concorde Rd                          Phone: 011-44-181-9935949
London West  30th                       Fax: 011-44-181-8960817

International Record Distributors
4, Via San            	                Phone: 39 2 259 1700 
GB La Salle 9                           Fax: 39 2 259 2064
20132 Milano Italy

Media Systems Internationle
43 Avenue Renee Cassan                  Phone: 33-53-20-3730
47200 Marmande France                   Fax: 33-53-20-3731

Amigo Records
Box 6058                                Phone: 08 34 89 25
10231 Stockholm, Sweden                 Fax: 08 34 06 98

Gee-Dee Music/ East-West                Phone:040-5711088
Borkenweg 26                            Fax:040-5711088
22523 Hamburg, Germany

Parsifal BVBA
Gulden Vlieslaan 67                     Phone: 32-50-33-95-16
(B)8000 Brugge, Belgium                 Fax: 32-50-33-33-86
* Certain titles available in Austrailia (Sandstock Music) and Japan (Vivid Sound Corp.)
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