This is an archival copy this web site. This record label is no longer in business.
The external links on the site have been updated and the home page has been updated to add the last two label releases.
Also, the Order page now links to current sources for the CDs that were released on this label.

Eddie Kirkland - All Around The World (DEL D 3001) Pinetop Perkins - On Top (DEL D 3002) Zora Young - Travelin' Light (DEL D 3003) Colin Linden - South at Eight North at Nine (DEL D 3004)
Little Anthony and the Locomotives - Can't Take It (DEL D 3005) Hans Theessink - Call Me (DEL D 3006) Eddie Kirkland - Some Like It Raw (DEL D 3007) Lucky 7 - One Way Track (DEL D 3008)
Neil Black and the Healers (DEL D 3009) Pinetop Perkins - Live Top (DEL D 3010) Christine Ohlman - The Hard Way (DEL D 3011) Eddie Kirkland - Where You Get Your Sugar? (DEL D 3012)
Little Anthony and the Locomotives - Don't Wait On Me (DEL D 3013) The Tony O Blues Band - Top Of The Blues (DEL D 3014) Cub Koda and the Houserockers - The House Was Rockin' (DEL D 3015) Deluge Records Sampler - Let It Pour (DEL D 3016)
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