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All Around The World


© & (p) 1992 Deluge Records, Inc.

The record that started it all. Being the maiden release of Deluge Records, Eddie Kirkland's All Around The World will always have a special place in our hearts.

This record evolved over time and it contains many sides of Eddie Kirkland. Sessions were recorded with The Colin Linden Band, at least three or four sessions with Eddie's Energy Band (complete with personnel changes!), one session in San Francisco with Mr. John Lee Hooker and his road band and guests ranging from the keybaord wizard, David Maxwell, to street performers from the Boston area.

There are many brilliant moments on All Around The World and the Kirkland-Hooker reunion on two tracks, although fast and loose, is worth the price of admission.

Produced by Randy Labbe and Eddie Kirkland
Executive Producers: Randy Labbe and Steve Bloch
Associate Producer: Bob Kempf

The Songs

  1. Shake It Up
  2. All I've Got To Offer
  3. Live With It
  4. 40 Days and 40 Nights
  5. Pick Up The Pieces
  6. All Around The World
  7. Love Don't Love Nobody
  8. Country Boy
  9. There's Gonna Be Some Blues
  10. Big City Behind The Sun
  11. Someone To Stand By Me
All Songs Written by Eddie Kirkland (Marvidic Music:BMI).

The Players


Recorded at: Mixed at Syncro Sound, Boston, MA - Bay Farm, Duxbury, MA - and Courtlen Recording Studios, Hanson, MA by Bob Kempf and at Big Sound, Westbrook, ME by Joe Brien.

Mastered at Northeastern Digital by Jonathan Winer

Photography by Tom McPherson, Portland, ME
Design by Michael Yoder, Portland, ME
Digital Images by Lianne Bergeron and Nia Kellogg

Thanks to Shirley Keener, Peter Guralnick, Mike Kappus, Roy Rogers, Mary Shapiro, Hank Ahrens, Bruce Kaplan, Philippe LeBras, all the players who have passed through The Energy Band over the years, and special gratitude to Susan and Tracy.

Liner Notes (Excerpts)

"The thing I love about Eddie's music is that he can be playing this riff that sounds so good I just close my eyes and hope he'll keep playing it. Then, he changes it completely and it sounds even better." - Grant Rippettoe, Student/UPenn

"Eddie is the consummate bluesman. He'd drive in here after being on the road with Shirley and Shaggy for twenty hours, CB antennae whipping in the wind of the rain storm he was bringing with him (after all, it was Tuesday Bluesday at Skipper's - rain was a given!). Next thing you knew, Eddie was leaping from the stage into the sand, hurling scorching guitar riffs at his loyal subjects and literally smoking new fans' sensory perception of the blues. Was that a sock or what!? He is THE legendary one." - Tom White, Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa

"I'm not rich, but when I'm behind the wheel of my rickety, old van, with a cigar in my mouth, going off to play music, there's no more satisfied man in the world." - Eddie Kirkland

Reviews and Comments

* * * Eddie Kirkland, ALL AROUND THE WORLD

By: Ted Drozdowski

Guitarist and singer Eddie Kirkland is a classical blues character. He's a punchy little guy in a turban who at 65, runs around on stage like a madman, tears off mighty riffs and solos, and hollers out the vocals like a kid at a fish fry. Hence his adopted nickname "Mr. Energy Man." He also crisscrosses the country on a constant string of one-nighters, driving and repairing his own run down van. But it's good-groove numbers like "Live With It," a funky dance floor magnet, that make him so appealing on stage. The big news on this album is that John Lee Hooker sits in for two songs, but they're so relaxed they come off as jazy jams. Kirkland is better alone, and since this is his best - sound recording, you get to hear an underrated vocalist soar with clarity for the first time. Highlights: "Pick Up The Pieces," a powerful soul-singing workout bolstered by a very sympathetic tenor sax break and Dave Maxwell's Hammond B-3; "Love Don't Love Nobody," which also rides the soul train the title track and album closer "Someone To Stand By Me," a bit of testifying over his trademark staccato picking.

Please note that with other fine recent albums by Zora Young, Pinetop Perkins, and Hans Theessink, this new Maine-based label is on its way to building a solid catalogue.

The Boston Phoenix

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