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Can't Take It


© & (p) 1993 Deluge Records, Inc.

What started as a pet project for former Bluetoner and Broadcaster Little Anthony Geraci became one of the hottest blues and R&B units on the national scene with the release of Can't Take It.

From the opening notes of the title track through the last notes of the tour de force "Eight Rooms of Gloom," it's clear that this Rhode Island based big band has one of the tightest rhythm sections in the business, the smokinest horn section, and the strongest leadership provided by Little Anthony's soulful piano playing and the big voice of gospel singer Karl Kelly.

We came up with a slogan for the band upon the release of Can't Take It and they've been proving it week in and week out ever since: Watch out for Loco-Motives: their brand of blues just might knock you senseless.

Produced by Anthony Geraci

The Songs

  1. Can't Take It
  2. Did Not Like What I Saw Last Night
  3. Positions Wanted
  4. Back In Love
  5. Can't Get You Off My Mind
  6. Loving You
  7. Half Not Whole
  8. Lucille
  9. Talking About You
  10. Eight Rooms of Gloom
All songs written by A. Geraci, except: 2,9,10 by A. Geraci and K. Kelly; 6 by K. Kelly; 8 by R. Penniman and A. Collins. All songs Marvidic Music, BMI, except 8- ATV Music, BMI.

The Players


Recorded and mixed at Syncro Sound, Boston, MA by Bob Kempf.
Mastered at SAE Mastering, Phoenix, AZ by Roger Seibel.
Photography by A. Vincent Scarrano
Design by Michael Yoder, Portland, ME

Liner Notes

I've known Anthony Geraci since 1978 when we began playing together in the Bluetones. We made music, toured and recorded together for the next twelve years, and some of the most rewarding and memorable times of my life were spent with the man and his piano. Through the years, we were fortunate to have the opportunities to work with many legendary blues artists and Anthony nurtured his style sharing the piano stool with the likes of Roosevelt Sykes, Floyd Dixon and Pinetop Perkins.

This is Anthony's first project under his own name and upon listening to these songs it was my impression that the very soul and character of the man have been successfully captured and it's evident that he and his band had a good time putting down these tracks. Most of the songs are original and Anthony's masterful piano work is showcased throughout. Karl Kelly delivers his soulful vocals with authority and The Loco-Motives' powerful horn and rhythm sections, interspersed with stinging guitar work by Craig Ruskey, make for an overall impressive performance. This is some good time, good listening, good dancing music and, in Anthony's own words, "let's have some fun!" Way to go, Ant!

Sugar Ray Norcia

Reviews and Comments

By: Peter Jordan

Yes, there's a new album on Deluge from a local band - Little Anthony & The Loco-Motives. Anthony was a keyboard player for Sugar Ray and the Bluetones for more than 10 years and his status in the R&B community hearabouts is unsurpassed. He shows us why on his first release. Anthony plays high-caliber keyboard and is complimented by some surprisingly good guitar work by Craig Ruskey. Vocalist Earl Kelly adds a good strong voice, with heavy emphasis on his early gospel roots and the soul hits of the early '70s. The rhythm section of Steve Bigelow (bass) and Neil Govan (drums) work well. Can't Take It leans more to soul/R&B, so strict blues fans would likely look elsewhere for pure gratification, but we are talking an enjoyable listen. Check out "Eight Rooms of Gloom," "Positions Wanted" and "Half Not Whole" for the highlights. If you get a chance, go find these guys live for a night where you'll wanna dance some more.

TheNicePape (June 10-16 1993)

Little Anthony & The Loco-Motives
By: Mark Gallo

Whew! This Debut Disc from the former pianist with Sugar Ray Norcia's Blue Tones just wails from the git-go! With vocalist supreme Karl Kelly and a band featuring guitarist Craig Ruskey, Little Anthony Geraci works out of a gospel/R&B flavored bag that begs comparison to everyone from Ray Charles to Ronnie Earl.

This disc just bops and boogies all up and down the the block. Much of it may put you in mind of recent efforts from Darrel Nulisch or the Johnny Nocturne band. "Positions Wanted" has a Mitch Woods/Louis Jordan feel to it, while "Can't Get You Off My Mind," with a lush horn ensemble and Kelly's gorgeous vocals strike me as a a contender for one of the finest songs of the year.

Blues Access (Aug.'93)

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