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One Way Track


© & (p) 1994 Deluge Records, Inc.

The music made by Deluge Recording Artists Lucky 7 is rich with the flavors of the bayous, borders and back roads of America's Southern landscape, but the origin of this band is, in fact, east of the Hudson River - New York City.

On One Way Track, their fourth release and Deluge debut, Lucky 7 delivers 14 songs in their inimitable style.

A truckload of Great American Roots Music here and lots of entertainment value!

Produced by Gary Solomon, Kenny Margolis and Billy Roues

The Songs

  1. One Way Track
  2. Undaunted
  3. You Got It Coming
  4. Spider Kiss
  5. Ai Yi Yi
  6. Rebel Heart
  7. Rosalie
  8. C'est Parti Mon Kiki
  9. Nine Ways To Sunday
  10. Coulda Shoulda Woulda
  11. Cajun Man
  12. Half A Boy Half A Man
  13. I Ain't Broke I'm Shattered
  14. Tomorrow Night
Please refer to CD for songwriter credits.

The Players


Recorded and Mixed by Gary Solomon at Wildcat Studios, Nyack, NY.
Mastered by Roger Seibel at S.A.E. Mastering, Phoenix, AZ.
Photography: Adam Scopin, Studio A
Design: Patrick Duffy

Thanks: Elise Margolis, Tracey, Jake, Jay Geary, Linda D'Astolfo, Niki, Phil, Liz Kempf, Lary Lu Caldarera, Gary and Kate, Loren Chodosh, Art Demarest.

Reviews and Comments

Lucky 7 - One Way Track
By: Bob Cianciu

There's a lot of interest today in genuine Louisiana music, be it jazz, R&B, country or zydeco, that most enthusiastic folk music of the cajun people. Lucky 7, a New York based band featuring accordionist - keyboardist Kenny Margolis, a former resident of Montclair, is one of the leading proponents of rocking zydeco, although one could say that their music falls squarely between Lafayette, Louisiana and Memphis, Tenn. Guitarist Billy Roues (Rhymes with "blues') has a strong rockabilly influence that steers Lucky 7 slightly away from straight zydeco, and that helps their new album. One Way Track," succeed handsomely.

Among the best tracks are "You Got it Comin'," "Rebel Heart," "Rosalie," "Coulda Shoulda Woulda," "Cajun Man," Nick Lowe's "Half a Boy Half a Man" and "I Ain't Broke I'm Shattered." All spotlight Margolis' strong accordion or keyboard virtuosity and Roues adds tasty guitar licks and vocals as well.

Worrall Newspaper (Aug. 4,1994)

"They rock like crazy, and get my vote for band I'd most like to see take on The Tail Gators."

Austin Chronicle

"Drawing on zydeco and the rockabilly, the band have concocted their own original recipe for rock and roll and made it accessible to the mainstream without watering it down."


"An American variant of British rocker Dave Edmunds...evoking the spirit and energy of the past without slavishly copying it."

The Boston Globe

"This is a scorcher!"

Music and Sound Output

"A band that makes you want to get up and dance."


"Pure fun! Whoever remains calm while listening to Lucky seven is either deaf of dead!"!

Musik Szene (Germany)

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