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Where You Get Your Sugar?


DEL 3012

© & (p) 1995 Deluge Records, Inc.

From the wildest version of "See See Rider" to date, through the sweet, percussive "Sugar Mama" and the hard-core edge of "Lover Bone," Eddie Kirkland certainly brings everything to bear on Where You Get Your Sugar?

Kirkland is joined on this studio release by his Energy Band, his old pal from the Allman Brothers Band, Jamo, on percussion, and label-mate Christine Ohlman.

The result is, according to the artist himself, his best record to date. Kirkland approaches the blues from his own, highly unique, perspective and Where You Get Your Sugar? is raw blues dripping with soul.

Produced by Randy Labbe
Executive Producers: Scott Perrow and Steve Bloch

The Songs

  1. See See Rider*
  2. Sugar Mama
  3. Love Me
  4. Our Love, So Beautiful
  5. Lover Bone
  6. What You Got On Your Mind?
  7. We Got a Problem
  8. Being In Love
  9. Shake What Your Mama Gave You
  10. Pity On Me
All songs written and arranged by Eddie Kirkland (Marvidic Music:BMI) except * written by Gerturde "Ma Rainey" McRainey (MCA: ASCAP).

The Players


Recorded by Scott Perrow at Perrow Audio, Readfield, ME during March, 1995.
Mixed and Mastered by Richard P. Robinson at Trod Nossel Recording Studios, Wallingford, CT.
Photography: James O'Connell, Winnipeg
Design: Patrick Duffy, Toronto
Special Thanks: Christine Ohlman, Doc Cavalier and the TNA family, John Yriart, Bruce Engler, Gerhard Dietrich, Jamo, Sue and the Marvidic Gang.

Reviews and Comments

Eddie Kirkland - Where You Get Your Sugar? (Deluge) * * * * 1/2

Another of that kind of blues record that made me put rock'n'roll on the shelf. Eddie Kirkland plays (guitar and harp) and sings like a man possessed and comes up with ten songs that will scare and titillate you at the same time. Sadly underregarded in the blues, Eddie Kirkland should turn heads everywhere with this CD. Great!

Low Country Blues Society

Eddie Kirkland - Where You Get Your Sugar?
by Steve Sarkowsky

Packed with a certain rawness, Kirkland deals up his Chicago style blues with a punch. Out front and not trying to hide, Kirkland puts the pedal all the way down throughout this CD. Having never heard of him before, it is quite a surprise to be hit with the energy and emotion that Kirkland lays out. Hard edged, with a touch of James Brown, Kirkland scratches and claws his way through the blues. How they convinced him to record a studio album is surprising; he needs to be let out of his cage! Most intriguing: "Our Love, So Beautiful." This is a difficult CD to label, it is a bold blues experience, no fluff in Kirkland's performance. Whether he is blowing the harp, singing or laying out the guitar licks, Kirkland won't let you forget that you heard him play.

Victory Review (Dec.'95)

Eddie Kirkland - Where You Get Your Sugar?
By: Red Dog

Eddie Kirkland has a classic voice for the blues. Part of this is God given talent and the rest is the fact that he lives the life of a blues man. This was obvious when he pulled up in a brown station wagon with tires and tools in the back, amps, and guitars strapped to the roof, ready to play. He is at his best when he is singing medium tempo Chicago blues. Best example of this is on "Being In Love," "Loverbone," and "Love Me." The latter two also demonstrate his expertise on the harp and he seems most at home here. All the tunes on this disc are original with the exception of " See See Rider."

Another one of Eddie's strengths is on the slide guitar as we hear on the slow sentimental "Our Love, So Beautiful." Eddie also delves into a little bit of funk; just listen to "Sugar Mama" and "We Got A Problem." The zesty "Shake What Your Mama Gave You" is one of the more up tempo offerings on the CD, but for a true blues fan, my vote goes to "What You Got On Your Mind" which includes all of Eddie's talents, harp, guitars, and vocals, and is the most interesting musically, mostly because of dynamic breaks. The only problem I have with this disc is that Eddie is so good live, to hear and see a man of his age put out the energy that he does, expectations ran high for the CD. The production is clean and all the notes are hit, but I would love to hear him do the same songs live. Until I get the chance to again, this will have to suffice. It is nice to know there are a few people around who can outdo themselves live, without all the advantages of the controlled environment of the studio. If you want that listen to Madonna.

Central NY Blues Society (Jan. '96)

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