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CUB KODA is a man with a rock 'n' roll heart... A multifaceted performer. His legendary live shows are power packed with original material and American roots music smarts, infused with Cub's electric stage personality. Internationally known for the two and a half million seller "Smokin' In The Boys Room" (one of the two gold records Cub has received during his career). The year 1986 saw yet another award for his collection, with Motley Crue presenting Cub with a double platinum album. Their version of Cub's song helped generate worldwide sales and establish the tune "Smokin' In The Boys Room" as a song still making a social statement.

Detroit born and raised, Cub grew up with the street tough sounds of the motor city in his head, hands, and heart... His early music idols included Bo Diddely and Chuck Berry, both leaving such an indelible imprint on his style that he has recorded tribute albums to both artist music in their honor. Within due time Little Richard, Howlin' Wolf and Jerry Lee Lewis would become major components as well. Artist as diverse as Hound Dog Taylor, Al Jolson, Merle Travis, Link Wray, The Trashmen, and Benny Goodman have all found their "voice" in Cub's music. Whether it's original material, or an obscure classic, Cub combines the technology of the 90s with the spirited feel of the legendary rockers who inspired him.

What emerges is CUB KODA's music... Great American Rock 'n' Roll... So much so that the author STEPHEN KING in his BACHMAN BOOK collection mentions Cub in the dedications, labeling him as "America's greatest houserocker."

To experience CUB KODA today is to encounter him seriously committed to his art at several levels; he exudes a fierce determination when he straps on guitar and goes out to entertain... His commitment is produce and record music reflecting the high energy of his live shows... His humor and insight when writing for music publications like GOLDMINE and CD REVIEW have led him over the years to both compiling and doing liner notes for RHINO RECORDS, as well as editing and contributing to a 1200 page reference book, THE ALL MUSIC-GUIDE... A book of his own is presently in the works... He did a crazed, legendary disc jockey stint (on a 50,000 watt Boston area station) with his Cub Koda Crazy Show. His experience from radio has prompted most radio stations in touring cities to not only interview Cub, but to ask that he DJ right there on the spot... His recent television appearances have been equally received... He produces other artists with the same rockin' excitement that he brings to his own recordings. This is CUB KODA!!

The latest installment in an already legendary career comes from Deluge Records- Cub Koda and The Houserockers' The Joint Was Rockin'. Recorded back in 1983 by an enthusiastic fan, The Joint Was Rockin' features Cub and the original Houserockers (Ted Harvey and Brewer Phillips) doing what they do best- taking a nightclub and shakin' it down to the bricks. It's as real as the deal gets and will be released during the Summer of '96. Cub Koda and The Houserockers will also be featured at many of the more prestigious festivals as the record is released.


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