Hans Theessink

HANS THEESINK - Born in the Netherlands and a resident of Vienna, Austria, Hans Theesink (pronounced Tay-Sink) is perhaps the best respected of the European born bluesmen. He's played at the major blues-folk-and jazz festivals across Europe and North America, including Chicago Blues Festival, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the Toronto Harbourfront Soul & Blues Festival, Kerrville Texas, and the Philadelphia, Edmonton and Winnipeg Folk Festivals.

Hans Theesink slides, chugs and bends his way into the steamiest blues east of the Mississippi. He is no pretender to this uniquely American form and embraces the blues with depth and honesty few performers possess. He puts a lot of feeling and energy into his act, has a rich bassy voice and is a wizard on the guitar; a tremendous performer with 10 albums to his name.


JON SASS - Born in Harlem and regarded to be one of the best tuba-players in the world. Jon has played with near everybody from the Boston Symphony to David Murray's Big Band and the Vienna Art Orchestra. Seemingly effortless he produces sounds that one would not expect from a "heavy" instrument like the tuba. Jon is a very sensitive player whose aim it is to master any musical challenge.

THE DUO - HANS THEESINK & JON SASS have played together since summer '86. The unusual soundspectrum of the combination can be heard on the album "Baby Wants to Boogie" and "Johny & The Devil" (Flying Fish).

Their latest effort for Deluge Records, the critical acclaimed Call Me, can be viewed as the masterpiece of a distinguished career. The music is basically blues but has many surprises. In fact, Hans Theesink and Jon Sass are the only guitar/tuba duo we know of and that combination is quite a surprise.

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