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Stoddard-Avery Cemetery

Headstone Inscriptions

Note: - I got this information from a book compiled by Irving F. Maynard and Harold F. Bartlett of the Town of Ledyard Cemetery Committee (dated July 1, 1964) that I found at the Gales Ferry Library. This page is exactly as it appears in the original document. I think is cemetery is located on the property of the Dow Chemical plant on Rt. 12. For more Ledyard genealogical resources visit the Ledyard US GenWeb site, where you'll find more cemetery listings. For more New London County genealogical resources visit the New London County US GenWeb page.

Edmund Stoddard, died Feb. 20, 1883, Ae 81.
Lucy Allyn, wife of Edmund Stoddard, died July 12, 1882, Ae 79.
Daniel Stoddard, died April 2, 1879, Ae 26 yrs. 3 mos. 6 d.
Perry Stoddard, died at Havannah, Cuba, July 26, 1862, Ae 22 yrs.
     8 mos. 20 d.
Frank Norman, born Sept. 21, 1858, died July 27, 1899.
Phoebe Palmer, wife of Frank Norman, April 27, 1858--April 13, 1936.
Daniel S. Palmer, May 2, 1818--July 25, 1910.
Lucy Stoddard, his wife, Jan. 13, 1834--April 19, 1904.
George W. Palmer, May 24, 1866--March 21, 1923.
Perry D. Palmer, April 1, 1863--Nov. 25, 1925.
Phebe Stoddard, widow of Capt. William Palmer, mother of Daniel S.
     Palmer, died May 25, 1857, Ae 64.
George W. Palmer, died Aug. 7, 1841, Ae 25.
Clarissa, Dau. of Daniel and Lucretia Stoaddard, died July 18, 1813
     Ae 18. (Buried in Stoddard Cemetery, near Post).
Lucretia Stoddard, widow of Cyrus Punderson, died Aug. 18, 1867,
     Ae 83.
(Vet.) Daniel Stoddard, died Dec. 19, 1840, Ae 79. Captain of Charles
     Whiting Co., Revolutionary War
Lucretia Bellows, wife of Daniel Stoddard, died Jan. 30, 1841, Ae 77.
Also his son, Sidney Stoddard, who died and was buried in Lewiston,
     Del., Nov. 11, 1833, Ae. 34.
Capt. Daniel Stoddard, 1787-1874.
Fanny Comstock, his wife, 1797-1860.
Capt. Daniel Stoddard, son af Fanny and Daniel Stoddard, was lost
     at sea Jan. 27, 1853, in Latitude 34° N., longitude 150W".
     Ae 29.